We offer you wear parts under the brand KROT.

Ready to give exclusive rights

Our company is open for cooperation and is interested in looking dealers and trade distributors all over the world. Ready to give exclusive rights which allow to sell a full range of goods of our production in the region, where our distributor is located.

In order to optimize business processes, we also invite logistics companies, customs brokers, financiers and sales agents to cooperate.

We always take into account the needs of partners and are ready to work on new projects to expand business opportunities.

For more information, send us an e-mail with information about your company.

The work schem

The work scheme with our clients:

1. Registration

Registration of the application for the required amount. We work only by advance order!

2. Prepayment

Prepayment 10% of the total cost of an order

3. Production

Production time up to 20 calendar days (according to individual drawings up to 25 days)

4. Payment

Payment of the remaining amount of order upon readiness for shipment

5. Shipment

Shipment to the buyer