We offer you wear parts under the brand KROT

Our company was founded in a such-and-such year...

"Our company was founded in a such-and-such year and has many, many years of experience..." blah-blah-blah... well, who cares?

Briefly about us – we are a small, "family" company, we are not engaged in nanotechnology, but we produce goods from steel and cast iron. At the same time, we are trying to produce a product from high-quality materials, not plasticine. Something more expensive, something cheaper.

More expensive – "... we try to produce them from qualitative materials..."

Cheaper – we have few expenses and we are not greedy. Possibility for maneuver at a price.

We offer the KROT brand ripper shanks, teeth, segments and blades for such brands as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and others.

All information on the site is written in technical language, point by point, without advertising and promises.

we also invite

Logistics companies, customs brokers, financiers and sales agents to cooperate.

Why Choose Us

The reliability of ripping equipment is of paramount importance for its long-term operation in various conditions.
All this influence the cost of equipment maintenance.

Computer Calculation

Computer calculation of the geometry of a ripper shank.

Solid Sheet

Made of a solid sheet, without a welded sock.

Ultrasonic Monitoring

Ultrasonic monitoring for the presence of microfissures.

Alloyed Steel

Steel is not afraid of extremely low and high temperatures.

Wearproof Steel

The hardness of steel is up to 320-340HB – an ideal value.

Strict Control

Strict control at different stages of production.